HPGL/Vector/Image Viewer PloComp Ver.10.0
Aug. 16, 2018


   This HP describes PloComp of Viewer and Converter which displays, edits, and converts multiple graphic files(HP-GL, HP-GL/2, HP RTL, PDF, DXF, DWG, GERBER, NC-Drill, IGES, SXF, TIFF, JPEG, BITMAP, EMF, PCX, FPX, PNG, GIF) in superposition. In addition, PloComp can compare drawings and automatically attach cloud marks to change areas.  
File Open
Parameter file
Display command
Setup display ON/OFF of files and pens, and Display in piles/Display in arranges
Thumbnail display
Setup of pen
Text font
Setting of length unit system
Drawing comparison
Measurement of distance between lines, and angle
Line connection search
Surface search
Text search
Output to printer, plotter
Various file outputs
Comment function
Operation conditions
Licensing fee
Flow to trial, order, and use
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 PloComp is viewer which views in piles, or arranges and views plural HPGL/Vector/Image drawing files. PloComp can be checked by piling up plural drawing like printed circuit board. And, old and new drawing comparison can be performed by recognition of different colors and change area by cloud mark.
 And, since PloComp has about the same powerful input editing function as 2D-CAD, you divert drawing of design and can create another drawing easily.
(1) File: Support to many file formats
            Black / white and color copy to clipboard.
     Notes: It is necessary to install free software "Teigha File Converter" at
            input and output of DWG file.
(2) Display
 - High-speed display of vector drawing, and many commands about display
 - Display maximum of 20 plural drawings in piles, or arrange and display.
   Displaying ON/OFF of the piled-up drawing is carried out per drawing.
 - Drawing comparison by different colors
 - Compare two drawings and add cloud mark automatic to change area
 - Color and width change of line, One color / multicolor change of the whole drawing,
   background color change
 - Display mode (Copy/Merge/Xor/data/MaskNotPen) change
 - Rotation, mirror, grid displaying
 - Thumbnail display
 - Vector font / TrueType font change of text font
(3) Request
 - Compare the two drawings and automatically add the cloud mark to the change
 - Measurement function of coordinates, length, area, line width, and angle
 - Search text
 - Connected line search, the total line length measurement
(4) Edit drawing (Comment function)
 * File:
     - New create
     - Input file of (1)
     - Save to file of (1)
 * Insert:
   Figure kind:
     Polyline, Arc, Circle, Horizontal line, Vertical line, Slanting line,
     Opposite side angle line, Regular polygon, Ellipse, Offset line,
     Free curve, Cloud shape line, Spline, Surface, Rectangle, Long circle,
     Text, Bitmap, Macro,
     Dimension (Horizontal, Vertical, Parallel, Angle, Radius, Diameter)
   Enter coordinates with the key, Insert Same Point, Next Same Point,
   Insert-Grid ON/OFF
 * Set:
   Layer: 1..20, Set property
 * Edit:
   Setup, Select (individual selecting, rectangular area selecting,
   polygon area selecting), Move copy, Delete,
   Divide/Delete/Move/RouteChange polyline section,
   Delete line in selected area boundary, Trim, Change property,
   Change vertex R, Chamfer, Connect Line, Rotate copy,
   Scale Up/Down copy, Macro-izing, Macro breakup, ReDo, UnDo
 * Display, request
   Same as (1) - (3)

File Open

 PloComp opens view file of maximum of 20, and one comment file simultaneously, and can be displayed them in piles.

(1) View file : file to see, max 20 files
    Notes: When you open GERBER, please set up beforehand.
(2) Comment file : file CMT to edit, 1file

- Check ON
  When selected file is view file, it can convert to comment, and edit.
  Don't display view file.
- Check OFF
  Open in order to see, when selected file is view file.
  In addition, comment can be added to view file in piles.
- Check ON and OFF
  When comment file is specified, it opens as a comment and can edit.

"Plural file automatic selection"
If this is checked, it is only selecting one file and plural files with name of conditions shown below can be selected simultaneously automatically.
 Number of file name end becomes file number.
 File condition which selects plural files automatically :
  - Exist in the same folder as selected file.
  - Same file extension as extension of selected file.
  - File name top letter string of selected file is the same, and end of
    file name is number of 1-20.

  Selection file name
C:\Data\Abc3sr5.hgl File number 5
  Automatic selection file name
C:\Data\Abc3st1.hgl File number 1
C:\Data\Abc3sr3.hgl File number 3
C:\Data\Abc3sr12.hgl File number 12

"PreView Mode"
 If this check mark is checked, where "OpenFile" dialog is opened, that file will be displayed whenever it clicks file from file list. And if "Open" button is pushed, "OpenFile" dialog closes, and specified file will overlap and will be displayed. If check of this check mark is removed, even if it will click file, file is not displayed, but "OpenFile" dialog closes pushing "Open" button, and specified file overlaps and is displayed.

"Draw Mode", "ColorNo", "Color", "OriginXY"
 "Draw Mode" (Copy, Merge, Xor, Data, MaskNotPen) can be chosen as file unit.
 Single color display or multicolor display can be selected as file unit at "ColorNo".
 For single color display, you can specify the color for each file at "Color".
 In multi-color display, it is displayed in the color according to the pen number in the data.
 You can designate the origin for each file at "OriginXY".

- View file
 When check mark is ON, read view data will applied to mirror.
 When check mark is OFF, read view data will not applied to mirror.
 Mirror ON carries out mirror reversal bordering on central line in the direction of the X-axis of the whole drawing area.
- Comment file
 In comment file, this designation is ignored and is always read by mirror OFF.

 In Display-mirror menu, mirror borrows simultaneously to all the files of view data(each file is mirror ON or OFF) and all the layers of comment data(all the layer are mirror OFF) which were read.

(1) Overlay the file A of the plural color and the file B of the plural color.
               File A                                 File B


(2) Piling up the file A of the magenta monochrome and the file B of the sky blue monochrome, you see the change place with the color difference.
             File A                                  File B

  Parameter file  
  The parameter file is a file in which the setting value of PloComp (the file drawing attribute, the condition set on the set menu, etc.) is written.

* Initial parameter file
When PloComp is finished, it is the file which automatically saved the setting value at that point.
The initial parameter file can be saved automatically or not saved automatically.
The initial parameter file is loaded when PloComp starts.
However, the file is not loaded.

* Parameter files 1 to 5
When you want to save the setting value, you can save it in the parameter file of the specified number (1 to 5).
You can read the parameter file of the saved number.
The file opened when the parameter file was saved is opened.
This parameter file is used to suspend the work of PloComp, resume it, or to work by switching between multiple setting conditions.

Display command

 The following abundant displaying operations are possible.
1. Mouse Operation
Mouse operation Function
Mouse left button click Whole display
Mouse right button click Display pop up menu of often used command
Mouse left button drug Setup of zoom display area
Mouse right button drug Zoom display
Mouse middle button drug Dynamic shift display
Mouse middle button double click Whole display
Mouse wheel other-side rotation Dynamic expansion display
Mouse wheel this-side rotation Dynamic reduction display

2. Keyboard operation
Keyboard oparation Function
Shift key Drug ON
Ctrl key Drug OFF
Right arrow -> key Shift-to-the-right display
Left arrow <- key Shift-to-the-left display
Up arrow key Top shift display
Down arrow key Bottom shift display
Home key Whole display
PageUp key Zoom-in display
PageDown key Zoom down display

3. Menu operation
  Whole displaying
  Zoom window
  Zoom up
  Zoom down
  Zoom copy area displaying
  Zoom windows 1-5
  Shift displaying
  Drug mode
  Rotation displaying
  Mirror displaying
  Grid displaying
  Redo, Undo of display
  Multi-page change

4. Display relation between view file and comment file
(1) Display order
 It is displayed in the following order. Therefore, what will be displayed later will be displayed above.
 To display comments above the view file, enter 11 to 20 levels.

Display order kind of file 
 1  Layer 1 of comment file
 2  Layer 2
 ...  ...
 10  Layer10
 11  File No. 1 of view file
12  File No. 2
...  ...
30  File No.20
 31  Layer11 of comment file
 32  Layer12
 ...  ...
 40  Layer20

(2) Draw Mode, ColorNo, Color, OrigX, OrigY
 The setting condition of the file number of the view file is set to the layer number of the same number in the comment file.

(3) Mirror display
- View file
 A mirror can be specified for each file number when opening a file, and a mirror is added to the read view data. And the same mirror is applied to the view data of all files with mirror display designation.
   View file screen display = (mirror designation when opening) XOR (mirror display designation)
- Comment file
 You can not specify mirror when opening comment file, and all layer mirrors are OFF. In mirror display specification, the same mirror is applied to all layers of comment data.
 Comment file screen display = (mirror display designation)

display designation 
designation when opening
Kind file Screen of result 
OFF  ON  View file number 1  ON
 OFF  View file number 2  OFF
 OFF  View file number 3  OFF
 It cannot set  Comment file layer 1  OFF
 It cannot set  Comment file layer 2  OFF
 It cannot set  Comment file layer 3  OFF
ON  ON  View file number 1  OFF
 OFF  View file number 2  ON
 OFF  View file number 3  ON
 It cannot set  Comment file layer 1  ON
 It cannot set  Comment file layer 2  ON
 It cannot set  Comment file layer 3  ON

Setup display ON/OFF of files and pens, and Display in piles/Display in arranges
 PloComp can display a maximum of 20 plural drawings in piles, or arrange and display.
 PloComp can display ON/OFF per drawing unit of the piled-up drawing.

Example which displayed plural files in piles.
 Press S key, all file displaying ON.     Press F1 key, displays only file 1.

 Press F2 key, displays only file 2.      Press F3 key, displays only file 3.

Example which displayed plural files arrange.

Thumbnail display

 Change of "page", "thumbnail", and "thumbnail + page" can be performed.
 Thumbnail displays all files under folder having selected drawing file.
                        Thumbnail and page display screen

There are mode which makes multiple selection of the file of thumbnail simultaneously, and mode which selects one file.
 Mode which selects plural files will display OpenFile dialog, if thumbnail file is selected.
 Then, plural files can be selected from thumbnail.
 1 file selection mode replaces and displays file of selected thumbnail on file of the present file number.

Setup of pen
 When a file is opened with single color display, it is displayed with the color specified at that time. Normally, when multicolor is specified, it is displayed by the pen color in the drawing data, but it can be changed by pen setting. Normally, the line width is displayed by pen width in the drawing data, but it can be changed by pen setting.

* Color is changed when pen color is same color as background
 When it draws with pen of the same color as background color, picture will disappear.
 When this check mark is checked, and background color and drawing pen are black, drawing pen will be changed white and will be drawn.
 When background color and drwaing pen are except black, set drwaing pen black and draw it.
 When input files are DXF, DWG, and IGES file, recommend check ON for this.
 In the case of GEBER file, recommend check OFF.
 Please refer to Subject and solution about color.

* Setup of background color
  Screen background color:
    It becomes the color of pen No. specified by background pen No.
  Background color at the time of outputs, such as printer, and TIFF, PDF:
    It is usually white. If the check mark "This background color is used with
    output" is attached, it will become the color of pen No. specified by
    background pen No.

* Setup of foreground color
  Priority 1:
    If it is set as monochrome display mode, it will become black and white.
  Priority 2:
    When it is made Single color display at file opening, it becomes color
    that time specified.
    Following is case where it is made Multi Color display at the time of
    file opening.
  Priority 3:
    "Ignore PC (pen color) command" check mark is removed, it will become the 
    color of PC command of drawing data. Priority 4 will be applied if there
    is no PC command in drawing data.
  Priority 4:
    It becomes the color set up for every pen.

* Setup of line width
  Priority 1:
    It is displayed with the line width of No.16 pen when you sets up to
    "Set to mode: all line width is 16th pen".
  Priority 2:
    "Ignore PW (pen width) command" check mark is removed, it will become the
    line width of PW command of drawing data.
    Priority 3 will be applied if there is no PW command in drawing data.
  Priority 3:
    It becomes the pen width set up for every pen.
Text font
 You can set the font size and font typeface of Windows font.

* Vector Font
The character shape is drawn with polygonal lines with a fixed line width, which is quite different from the Windows TrueType font. In general, Vector fonts display faster than Windows TrueType fonts.

* Windows Font
Displayed with the selected Windows TrueType font.

* Windows Font Closed Line Character
Displays the selected Windows TrueType font as a closed-line character without filling it. Use it when you want to draw characters cut with a cutting plotter.

Setting of length unit system
You can select the unit system of coordinates and dimensions to use from the following.
  * Millimeter mm
  * Centimeter cm
  * Meter m
  * Inch in
  * Foot ft
  * Yard yd
Drawing comparison
* Request change area
 You can search the difference between the two drawing files on the "Request" - "Change area" menu and draw cloud marks for areas with differences (called change areas).

   Black and white / color file A           Black and white / color file B

   Read file A by red one color             Read file B by green one colo

                          Merge files A and B and display
  Display cloud mark on area which exists difference in figure at automatically

 The figure below obtained the changed area by opening the file so that drawing file before change is drawn in red and drawing file after change is drawn in green.
 Red shows deletion, green shows addition, yellow shows change-less section, and the change area is shown with pink cloud shape mark.
 If the change is very small, you may overlook it if you check the changed part with a different color. However, if there is a change area mark (cloud mark) on it, such a problem can be eliminated. Moreover, even when it prints to monochrome printer, change part will become clear if there is change area mark. Display of change area mark can turn ON/OFF.
 Change area mark can be outputted to comment or HP-GL file. Moreover, coordinates of change area can be outputted to text file.
 This function can use not only vector data of PDF and HP-GL but image data of black and white TIFF.

 Area to compare can select the whole drawing or zoom viewing area.

 Sample HP-GL data download:
  File1 Drawing HP-GL file before change  demopwb1_0.hgl
  File2 Drawing HP-GL file after change   demopwb2_0.hgl
 Please select set-pen menu and check "Ignore FT, RA, RR, WG (paint polygon, recrangle, fan) command".
 When you carry out PDF output of the drawing comparison result, in PDF output setting dialog, please set PDF color operator to CMYK (mixed color enables), and output .
 Moreover, when you see PDF file by Adobe Reader, please select "page settings" of classification with the "edit" - "configuration" menu of Adobe Reader, and set right-hand side "to be use about overprint preview" into "automatic" or "always".

 Sample:Electronic circuit drawing
 Sample:Mechanical drawing
* Drawing comparison by DrawMode when opening file
 Set to "Momentary display 2" with "Set" "Pen" menu beforehand.
 File before and after change of the following figure is file of mechanical drawing of the above figure.
1. Display only part (addition, deletion) with difference.
 Carry out the next setup in "Open" dialog.
 File No. FileName           DrawMode   ColorNo Color
 No.1     File before change Copy       Single  Black
 No.2     File after change  Xor        Single  Black
2.The changed drawing displayed in gray and the portion with the difference displayed in black are overlapped and displayed.
 Carry out the next setup in "Open" dialog.
 File No. FileName           DrawMode   ColorNo Color
 No.1     File before change Copy       Single  Black
 No.2     File after change  Xor        Single  Black
 No.20    File after change  Merge      Single  Bright gray
3. Display only the added part.
 Carry out the next setup in "Open" dialog.
 File No. FileName           DrawMode   ColorNo Color
 No.1     File before change Copy       Single  Black
 No.2     File after change  MaskNotPen Single  Black
4. Display only part which was deleted.
 Carry out the next setup in "Open" dialog.
 File No. FileName           DrawMode   ColorNo Color
 No.1     File after change  Copy       Single  Black
 No.2     File before change MaskNotPen Single  Black
Measurement of distance between lines, and angle
 The X direction distance, the Y direction distance, the shortest distance, and the angle between the specified two lines can be obtained. At that time, if the two wires are a straight, the value between the real line and the extended line is shown, and when either or both of the two wires are arcs, it indicates the value between the extended wires. The line width and pen number of each specified two lines are displayed. The distance to be measured can measure the distance between the line ends obtained by subtracting half the line width from the line center line distance.
 The following figure shows result after specifying P1 point and P2 point of Drawing data.
Line connection search
 Line connected with specified line of vector drawing data can be searched. Search results are displayed on screen as the specified color. Since these search results are memorized temporarily, it will disappear, if it performs clearing search results or ending this program, or it searches connection of the next line, or it opens another file etc. If it is while having memorized, displaying, printer output, PDF output, DXF output, and clipboard copy can be performed for search results. The total line segment length of connected line who searched is displayed. When the connected line is closed, the area is displayed.

Search condition setting

Move the mouse cursor closer to the line, the line will be recognized.
 If mouse button is clicked here, continuous line is searched, and color is changed and displayed as shown in next figure.

  Surface search  
   Surface can be searched when you click closed line with the mouse left button. Surface is smeared away and search results are displayed on screen as color specified in "Surface color". Area of surface searched in dialog is displayed.

Text search
 Letter string of LB (label) command of HP-GL data is searched, and it expands and displays on middle of the screen.
Output to printer, plotter
 It can output to Windows printer or HPGL plotter.
 According to the setting of "Display in piles" / "Display in arrenges", the page structure of the output is as follows.
 - Overlay multiple drawings and output to 1 page
 - Output multiple drawings on one page per drawing
 You can preview before outputting.

* OutScale
Output on the scale specified here.
If the paper is large with respect to the drawing area, a margin will appear, and if the paper is small, the drawing will be clipped.

* AutoScale
When this check mark is attached, the output scale is automatically set so that the drawing area fills the paper area excluding the paper margin. At this time, "OutScale" can not be set.

* AutoSelectPaper(Size, Portrait/Landscape)
Specify the paper standard loaded in the printer in "Paper standard" from the following.
   ISO A0 to A4
   ISO B0 to B5
   JIS B0 to B5
   ANSI A to E
   ARCH A to E, E1
This function is effective when "AutoScale" check mark is not attached. The paper size according to the output drawing size is automatically determined from the standard paper size. Also, the paper direction is automatically determined Portrait and Landscape. If the printer does not support the paper size, or if the printer can not change the paper orientation, do not select its size or direction. When the output drawing size exceeds the maximum paper size that can be selected, select the maximum paper and automatically adjust the output scale so that the drawing size matches that paper size.

* HPGL file output
When you select a file as an output destination in the plotter output, you can obtain the following HP-GL file.
 · HP-GL file with scale, angle, mirror ON/OFF changed
 · HP-GL file of expanded area
 · HP-GL file combining comments and HP-GL files
 · The HP-GL specification of data can be selected from the following three types.
    HP-GL (low function vector data)
    HP-GL/2 (high function vector data)
    HP-GL/2 + HP RTL (high function vector data + raster data)
 · Convert characters to line segments ON/OFF
 · Convert circular arc to polygon ON/OFF
 · Convert fill to line segment ON/OFF
 · Moving the origin position of HPGL
    (same as lower left of drawing area / drawing origin)

Various file outputs
 PloComp can output to PDF, DXF, DWG, TIFF, JPEG, Bitmap, PCX, FPX, GIF, PNG, IGES, SXF, WMF, PS, EPS, SVG, XPS, PCL file.
 Page composition at the time of output is as follows by "Display in piles"/"Display in arrenges" setup.
  - Output inputted plural drawings to 1 page in piles.
  - 1 file Output on multiple pages
    (Each drawing expands on each page in the file)

              Output Setting Dialog: the case of PDF output

                 Various output setting items (* Mark)
Plot area (AllArea/ZoomArea) * * * * * * * * All
Out scale * * * * * *   * *
Auto scale * *   * *     *  
Paper size (Standard,Width,Height) * *   * *     *  
Auto paper select * *   * *     *  
Paper margin * *   * *     *  
Position of drawing on paper * *   * *     *  
Output page range (Note 1) * * * * * * * * *
Output file name * * * * * * * * *
Color operator (RGB/CMYK) *             *  
PDF note annotation auto input *                
Resolution   *   * *        
Color (BW/16/256/16million)   *   * *        
TIFF-Type (Note 2)   *              
AutoCAD Version (GX-5/2002)     *            
JPEG Compression ratio       *          
Convert HPGL-Pen to IGES-Pen           *      
SXF Version (2.0/3.0/3.1)                 *
   Note 1: Output page range ... All pages/Most upper window page
   Note 2: TIFF-Type ··· Un-compressing/CCITT RLE/GROUP3 1D/GROUP3 2D/Group 4/PACKBITS/LZW

* AutoScale
 When this check mark is applied, OutScale will be automatically set up so that drawing area may fill paper area except PaperSpace.
 It becomes impossible to set up "OutScale" at this time.

* OutScale
 When check mark of "AutoScale" is OFF, it is effective, and specify scale factor to output in 0.01-100.0.
 Since case where output drawing size exceeds paper size will occur when this scale factor becomes large, cautions are required.
 In this case, message of "* Over Size !" is displayed on Output Plot Size field.

* Set Paper Size
Specify the paper size to be output.
In the "Paper standard", specify the paper standard from the following.
   ISO A 0 to A 4
   ISO B 0 to B 5
   JIS B 0 to B 5
   ANSI A - E
   ARCH A to E, E 1
You can select fixed form paper (paper name, paper size, Portrait/Landscape) from the series at "Paper name width * height".
By specifying "Atypical size", you can specify the width and height of the paper in the "Atypical Width" and "Atypical Height" fields.
When "Drawing area + margin" is specified, the area containing "PaperSpace" is the paper size in the drawing area of the specified "OutScale".
When "AutoPaperSelect" is specified, the optimum paper size is automatically selected from the area containing the "PaperApace" in the drawing area of the specified "OutScale", and Portrait/Landscape is also automatically selected.

* Support layer function of PDF with PDF output
 When PDF output is carried out in the state of in piles display of plural files, the attribute of layer will enter into PDF file and ON/OFF of display will be formed to layer unit with PDF viewer.
 File number of PloComp turns into layer number in PDF file.

* Support overprint with PDF output
 When "Draw Mode" is specified as "Merge" at "OpenFile" dialog and "CMYK" is selected for "PDF color operator" at the time of PDF output, overlapping figure will display by mixed color.
 In addition, in order to confirm mixed color by AcrobatReader, please start AcrobatReader, select edit-configuration menu, select "page display" of classification, and set "Use overprint preview" into "automatic" or "always".

 Display PDF data outputted by overprint OFF by AcrobatReader.

 Display PDF data outputted by overprint ON by AcrobatReader.
   ... The bottom of the overlapping figure is displayed.

* Support PDF note annotation automatic input with PDF output
 When carrying out PDF output, and cloud mark closed loop of comment is in data, PDF note annotation can be added automatically.
 Changes can be confirmed now by keying change report into the PDF note annotation with PDF viewer.
Comment function
 PloComp has about the same powerful drawing input editing function as 2D-CAD as a comment function.
 When this function is used, postscript will be possible for existing drawing. And, existing drawing is diverted and another drawing can be easily created by performing addition, deletion, movement and change etc. for figure.
 Refer to the "Drawing editor of PloView and PloComp" for details of drawing edit function.

* File:
  - New create
  - The next file can be read and edited.
      View file:
        It can take in to 20 files simultaneously.
        File number links to layer number.
        HP-GL, HP-GL/2, HP RTL, PDF, DXF, DWG, GERBER, NC-Drill, IGES,
        SXF, EMF, TIFF, JPEG, Bitmap, PCX, FPX, GIF, PNG
      Comment file: only 1 file
  - Edit result can be saved in piles with view file at the next file.
      Bitmap, PCX, FPX, GIF, PNG, printer, plotter, WMF, PS, EPS,
      SVG, XPS, PCL, CMT (CMT cannot be saved in piles with view file)
      Black / white and color copy to clipboard.

* Insert:
  Figure kind:
    Polyline, Arc, Circle, Horizontal line, Vertical line, Slanting line,
    Opposite side angle line, Regular polygon, Ellipse, Offset line,
    Free curve, Cloud shape line, Spline, Surface, Rectangle, Long circle,
    Text, Bitmap, Macro,
    Dimension (Horizontal, Vertical, Parallel, Angle, Radius, Diameter)
  Insert Coodinates at Key, Insert Same Point, Next Same Point,
  Insert-Grid ON/OFF"

* Set:
  Layer: 1..20, Set property

* Edit:
  Select (individual, rectangular area, polygon area selecting),
  Move copy, Delete, Divide/Delete/Move/RouteChange polyline section,
  Delete line in selected area boundary, Trim, Change property,
  Change vertex R, Chamfer, Connect Line, Rotate copy, Scale Up/Down copy,
  Macro-izing, Macro breakup, ReDo, UnDo

* Display, Request

Operation conditions

 Personal computer of Intel compatible CPU mounting
 - Memory: 1 GB or more
 - Empty capacity of hard disk drive: 100 MB or more
 - Screen resolution: 1024 dots x 768 dots Above
 - OS:
   32Bit of Windows : XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
   64Bit of Windows : Vista, 7, 8 and 10
 - It is necessary to install some printer drivers.
   Printer driver of high resolution is required to read PDF file.

Licensing fee

 When used 30 days or more from installation, please remit the next licensing fee.

 Licensing fee is                 90.00 US$ / license

Flow to trial, order, and use
1. Trial
 Please download product from this HP. Since product is compressed into ZIP file, please extract it with suitable thawing software. There is a file called Readme.txt in the decompressed file, so read the product overview, installation method, uninstallation method, license agreement, licensing fee, license cancellation, protection release, inquiries, and version upgrade history. And since a file called Setup.exe is in extracted inside, it is installable if it double-clicks by Explorer. Opening to the public on HP serves both as trial and object for formal. All the function usage can be carried out free for 30 days from installation for trial. If 30 day will pass and password will not be entered, protection starts and product stops working. Please order the formal version, when you use more.

2. Order of formal version
 It can pay with PayPal or credit card with the next button.


Please refer to Readme.txt file to carry out bank transfer.

 Please send the next "order sheet" to e-mail address described at the last of this HP.

Order sheet
1. Soft name: PloComp (English)
2. Soft version no.: 10.0
3. Order quantity: 1
4. Company name:
5. Offer person name:
6. Offer person E-mail ID:
7. Charge payment day:
8. Charge payment amount:

3.Sending of password
 The copyright holder will email the password when payment of the licensing fee has been confirmed.

4.Release of lock
 In order to enter password, when starting PloComp.exe, it is necessary to carry out mouse right-click, to take out pop up menu, and to select "Run as administrator". Execute PloComp and display 'Version Information' dialog box with the menu 'Help'-'Version Information' and input the password.

5.OS exchange, or exchange of installation personal computer
 Even if you replace exchange of OS, or installation personal computer, given password can release lock.
 However, at the same time the number of units that can install the product on the PC is within the number you ordered.

6.Revision up (upgrading the decimal point of version number to 2nd place)
 Revision up is free. Please download the revision software newer than HP and reinstall it. The previous password is valid.

- Customers can postpay by e-mail following procedures.
 ① Request for quotation                      : Customer    → Our company
    (software name, version, number of orders)
 ② Quotation                                  : Our company → Customer
 ③ Purchase order (Form of Order sheet above) : Customer    → Our company
 ④ Password and invoice                       : Our company → Customer
 ⑤ Remittance                                 : Customer    → Our company
    (within the following month's end of the delivery month)

Latest upgrade history

Ver.10.04 August 12, 2015
(1) SXF output functions were added.
(2) Defect of SXF input was repaired.
(3) With DXF output, when there existed image, it repaired abnormal having outputted.
(4) Text of Vector font repaired fault which becomes dotted line and chained line sometimes with DXF and IGES output.
Ver.10.04 September 15, 2015
(5) It supported to Windows10.
Ver.10.04 November 17, 2015
(6) Abnormality display has been improved for arc of very small angle.
(7) In PDF output etc., polygon-ized accuracy of very small circle painting out was raised.
Ver.10.04 November 20, 2015
(8) It enabled it to set up judgment angle of very small arc or circle by "Set"-"Input file"-"Circle and arc judging angle".
Ver.10.04 March 6, 2016
(9) Help explanatory note of change area search was modified.
Ver.10.04 March 16, 2016
(10) Function when "#2 PlotterUnits by 1mm(Step Count)" was changed with Plotter Edit button of HP-GL Plotter output was changed.
(11) It repaired that rotation display of file including AC (painting-out start points) command was abnormal.
(12) In the condition that file in which comment Bitmap exists is rotated and displayed, when HP-GL Plotter output was carried out, it repaired displaying Bitmap on abnormal position.
Ver.10.04 April 3, 2016
(13) With HP-GL Plotter output, it repaired that Up and Down length of dotted line, dashed line, and chained line of comment was abnormal.
Ver.10.04 July 19, 2016
(14) Problem when file with comment created by PloComp before Ver.9.0 is opened was repaired.
Ver.10.04 July 21, 2016
(15) Current update of the description of help was carried out.
Ver.10.04 July 21, 2016
(15) Current update of the description of help was carried out.
Ver.10.04 July 25, 2016
(16) Defect of LA (line attribute) command in case line end and joint shape are except being round was repaired.
(17) "Initial of Line End Shape" of "Set-Line property" dialog was changed into "Shape of line end and joint".
Ver.10.04 September 15, 2016
(18) Depending on PDF creation application, PDF version information may not match notation and entity. When such a PDF file was read, it was not able to read (error code=10000).
It enabled it to read this.
Ver.10.04 September 23, 2016
(19) When HP-GL file was opened in the state of ON of "edit", it repaired that painting-out processing became abnormal.
Ver.10.04 September 30, 2016
(20) When another command (point out menu or icon) was issued without pressing Enter key (end is illustrated) during comment input, it repaired that display was abnormal.
Ver.10.04 October 1, 2016
(21) When another command (point out menu or icon) was issued without pressing Enter key (end is illustrated) during comment input, it repaired that display was abnormal.
(22) Insert comment into file which is not entered. And it outputs without displaying. Then, there was problem to which comment is not outputted. This was repaired.
(23) After output, input comment without displaying. Then, there was problem to which color of dragging or rubber band of figure while input becomes strange. This was repaired.
Ver.10.04 November 6, 2016
(24) Display command can be issued while comment input

Ver.10.05 November 24, 2016
(1) When PDF output of plural files is carried out in the state of "Displays in piles", the attribute of layer will enter into PDF file. When viewing with PDF viewer, ON/OFF of display in layer unit enables.
File number of PloComp turns into layer number in PDF file.
(2) With PDF output, "Add PDF note annotation on comment cloud mark closed loop" function was added.
Attach PDF note annotation on change area automatically by this function, and when keying change report into the PDF note annotation with PDF viewer, use it.
Ver.10.05 November 29, 2016
(3)It enabled it to also choose blank although annotation added by "Add PDF note annotation on comment cloud mark closed loop" function of PDF output was consecutive numbers.
Ver.10.05 December 20, 2016
(4) When Bitmap was in Macro of comment, other figures were displayed under Bitmap and had disappeared. This was improved so that other figures might be displayed on Bitmap.
(5) When Macro input of comment was carried out after carrying out various setup, setup after change was not being reflected. This was repaired.
(6) It was made to reflect "Ignore PC command" of SetPen in Macro input of comment.
(7) When output drawing size is larger than paper size by preview of Printer-Plotter output, drawing of the right,left,upper and lower position was abnormal. This was repaired.
Ver.10.05 December 23, 2016
(8) File of only comment data was opened, and when the number of plotter units set except 40 and carried out HP-GL Plotter output, it repaired that output HP-GL data became abnormal.
Ver.10.05 January 3, 2017
(9) PayPal fee about licensing fee remittance which user had paid was eliminated.
Ver.10.05 January 9, 2017
(10) When evaluation period goes out, or when uninstalling, function which fills in evaluation result and carries out e mail transmission was added.

Ver.10.06 February 20, 2017
(1) At the time of comment input, function in which it can input after displaying comment property set Dialog and setting property was added.
ON/OFF of this function can be performed by comment property set Dialog.
(2) It enabled it to issue display command by key while comment input.
Ver.10.06 May 10, 2017
(3) It was ignored when there existed Bitmap which black and white reversed in PDF and EMF input, and it repaired becoming whole surface black.
Ver.10.06 September 27, 2017
(4) Display of FT command of HP-GL was improved.
Ver.10.06 January 29, 2018
(5) Fixed abnormally when opening some abnormal files.

Ver.10.07 March 27, 2018
(1) The paper standard (ISO A0-A4, ISO B0-B5, JIS B0-B5, ANSI A-E, ARCH A-E,E1) can be set by specifying the paper size of the printer, PDF, TIFF, Bitmap, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PCX, FPX output Dailog.
(2) At "File" - "Create new comment" command, or "Set" - "Comment draw area" command, drawing size can be selected from next paper standard paper size.
   ISO A0-A4, ISO B0-B5, JIS B0-B5, ANSI A-E, ARCH A-E,E1
(3) In the case of automatic paper selection with printer output, when the output drawing size exceeds the maximum paper size that can beselected, the largest paper is selected and the output scale is automatically adjusted so that the drawing size matches the paper size.
(4) When selecting automatic paper for output (PDF, TIFF, Bitmap, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PCX, FPX), change the smallest paper selection order as follows.
    A4 landscape → A4 portrait → A3 landscape → A3 portrait
    A4 portrait → A4 landscape → A3 landscape → A3 portrait
(5) The paper size was displayed in the preview window toolbar when previewing with printer output.
(6) By double clicking the status bar of the main window, XY coordinates of HPGL unit (0.025 mm is 1 HPGL unit) are displayed in addition to ordinary XY coordinates.
(7) Opening a number of drawings with different drawing sizes with "Displays in arranges" and previewing the printer output revised the abnormal display.
(8) Fixed the problem that character position shifted under extremely rare conditions.
    When characters are drawn with multiple LB (label command) without pen movement instruction after LO (label origin command) other than initial value
(9) Under the following conditions, we corrected the fault that black and white color selection was displayed incorrectly.
    Set to black and white
    Data that draws figures while changing colors with PC (pen color designation) command
(10) Fixed an obstacle in which filled figures are not displayed with EMF output.
(11) When multiple drawings were opened with "Displays in arranges" and previewed with HPGL plotter output, the size of the first drawing became all the sizes, and when the second and subsequent drawings were large, it was clipped.
(12) When the special output version of PloComp of automatic output is activated on the command line and the output type changes, the problem that the output condition becomes indefinite unless the same output is made in the dialog mode beforehand was fixed.
Ver.10.07 May 04, 2018
(13) Improved reading accuracy of PDF files.
   PDF reading scale correction is automatically set during installation.
   PDF reading scale correction X, Y can be set in the input file setting.
   We prepared a button which can automatically set PDF reading scale correction X, Y in input file setting.
PDF reading scale correction can be set automatically on the command line.
(14) Changed the output scale in File - Convert PDF file menu as follows.
   Applied to PS, EPS, XPS, HGL, PCL -> Aplide to PS, EPS, XPS, PCL
   Note: This scale also applies when opening PDF ->
         HGL applies PDF reading scale correction of input file setting Dialog
   Conventionally, the same value was used for Convert PDF file and PDF open, but this time separate memories are memorized.
(15) When the origin of the file was shifted from (0,0), We fixed that only the surface figure displayed without moving the origin.
Ver.10.07 May 08, 2018
(16) When shifting the origin of the file from (0, 0), the following problems were repaired.
  * The position of the surface figure is shifted or not displayed.
  * The position of the hatching shifts.
  * The position of the bitmap shifts.
  * The drawing area is not the minimum area including the drawing area of all files.
  * The drawing area of the file with view data converted to comment is abnormal
(17) Opening the view file, converting it to comment data, double-clicking the view file in the dialog to open the file, and clearing it will result in an error.
(18) Fixed the problem that the mirror does not be applied the hatching angle when DXF, SXF was output with mirror ON.
(19) The accuracy of PDF output was improved.
Ver.10.07 May 24, 2018
(20) Improvement of fine arc filling accuracy with various outputs.
Ver.10.07 Jun 11, 2018
(21) When the resolution was over 45 degrees with CI (circle drawing) command of HPGL, it was drawing with octagon. We changed it to draw with a triangle when the resolution is 120 degrees or more.
Ver.10.07 June 29, 2018
(22) With "Length measurement between points" and "Length measurement between lines", when the dimension measurement Dialog was displayed, it was pressed without pressing the "Start" button.
Also, while designating measurement points, display commands other than mouse clicks can be issued.
Ver.10.07 July 19, 2018
(23) Improve not to flicker display when scroll bar is moved with drag mode ON.
(24) When set to display the scroll bar, the problem that the zoom display area and the scroll bar display area do not match partially was fixed.
(25) We adjusted the size of WindowsFont with PDF output.
(26) When determining the change area, conventionally, the same line segment before and after change was recognized as having changed if the start point and the end point are exchanged. We improved this to be no change.
Ver.10.07 July 19, 2018
(27) We adjusted the size of WindowsFont with PDF output.
Ver.10.07 August 6, 2018
(28) We adjusted the size of WindowsFont by screen display and image file output.
VVer.10.07 August 10, 2018
(29) The initial color values of pen table No. 3 and 4 are matched with the color table of the comment file. When using this table, when converting the view file to the comment file, the pen number of the figure of the comment file becomes the same as the view file.
Ver.10.07 August 16, 2018
(30) Fixed an obstacle that did not display the text color found in Request-Text" as mark pen color.
(31) When changing the pen table No., the mark pen number is changed so that the mark pen color does not change.

 PloComp Ver.10.0 Software download

   Note :
    1.The downloaded file is compressed into the ZIP type.
      Please extraction with extraction software.
    2.When "Windows protected your PC" is displayed at the time of installation,
      if there is only "Don't run" or "OK" button, please click "More info" and
      press "Run anyway" button.
    3.This HP is always put up only the latest version.
      Acquisition of an old version becomes impossible.
      Please copy the downloaded file to a data medium for re-installation.

PloComp Ver.10.0 Catalog(PDF) download

   Note :
      This file is a file of PDF form.
      PDF viewers, such as Acrobat Reader of Adobe, are required to see.

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