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Recently, all designs were performed by CAD, it was electronized, drawing was kept in electronic drawing warehouse, and it became natural to carry out electronic release of drawing. However there may be many related people in the distance, electronic drawing warehouse can be searched in an instant, and drawing can be seen. Highly efficient and cheap viewer for seeing drawing electronized in such a situation constitutes big key component.
PloView is cheap and highly efficient viewer based on HPGL (Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language) of Hewlett-Packard which is plotter control language diffused as a de facto standard for drawing preparation. PloView can read not only HPGL but very many Graphic format files, and can carry out displaying, marking, printing, and data conversion.

Product list

PloView series has the following products.
Product name Fee of license Function
PloView 80 US$ Viewer which looks at one drawing simultaneously
PloComp 100 US$ Viewer which looks at plural drawings in piles (arranging) simultaneously
PloCon 80 US$ Drawing is continuation-outputted to printer
(It does not display)
PloViewAuto 1,000 US$ Drawing is continuation-converted into various file formats.
If product name is clicked, it will jump to page of detailed explanation of the product and download.
All functional use can be carried out gratuitously for 30 days for evaluation.

Functional outline of product

  Operation conditions  
  Personal computer of Intel compatible CPU mounting
- Memory: 512 MB or more (Vista, 7, and 8 are 1 GB or more)
- Empty capacity of hard disk drive: 100 MB or more
- Screen resolution: 1024 dots x 768 dots Above
- OS:
  32Bit of Windows ME, NT4.0, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8
  64Bit of Windows Vista, 7, and 8
- It is necessary to install some printer drivers.
  Printer driver of high resolution is required to read PDF file.

About HPGL

HPGL is the command set of the plotter control that is the abbreviation of Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language and was developed with the HP company. We can instruct various actions to the plotter from the computer with the combination of the alphabets of only 2 letters, to picture the diagram by this command set. Many computer aided design systems are supporting the plotter output in this HPGL command set. Also, many measuring device are supporting the function that outputs the measurement data with the HPGL command set. HP-GL/2 have added many functions to HPGL released first. HP RTL is instruction set of raster image data in abbreviated name of HP's Raster Transfer Language. It is included in HPGL data. There are the following data compression modes.
 row-base unencoded
 run-length encoding
 TIFF rev.4.0 Packbits encoding,seed-row encoding
 block-based unencoded
 adaptive encoding
 CCITT group3 1-dimensional encoding
 CCITT group3 2-dimensional encoding
 CCITT group4 encoding
Please refer to "The Hp-Gl/2 and Hp Rtl Reference Guide: A Handbook for Program Developers" of HP issue for details.

HP-GL/2 and HP RTL Reference Guide : PDF file(3.7MB)

HP PCL/PJL Reference (PCL 5 Printer Language) - Technical Reference Manual Part II (bpl13211) : PDF file(3.8MB)

- Reference Guide of HP-GL (outline)
Creation method of HPGL file
Some creation methods of the typical HPGL file are shown.
In addition, the word "CAD" currently used here says the application which outputs HPGL, and says CAD software, word-processing software such as WORD, drawing software, etc.

1. Direct Output
CAD and the measuring instrument with HPGL output function can carry out the direct output of the HPGL file. Since the HPGL output method changes with each CAD and measuring instruments, refer to each operations manual for it.

2. Windows Printer Driver Output
The printer driver which outputs HPGL is installed by Windows. In addition, output equipment is set as file. HPGL file can be outputted if it outputs to this printer driver by CAD. HPGL output is possible for all the Windows applications in which printer output is possible. In AutoCAD, this driver is called Windows system driver and the device outputted from this driver is called the printer.

<Windows printer driver>
The Windows printer driver that language is HPGL/HP-RTL in the printer or plotter specification list at the homepage of the printer or plotter maker corresponds. Generally these drivers are prepared for OS of Windows (a list is displayed by addition of the printer of Windows). Downloading from the homepage of the printer or plotter maker is also possible. As a result of investigating on our side, the printer driver which can perform the HPGL output of the main printers and plotter makers is as follows.

Input(CAD data) Line Surface Text Image
Output(HPGL data)   Line   Image Surface  Image Surface   Text    Image  Image
Maker, Driver name
HP DesignJet 1050C by HP A B A B - - A A
HP DesignJet 500 42+HPGL Card A - A - - - A A
Oce TCS400 Color A B A B - - A A
MUTOH RJ-301C A B A B - - A A
SII LS-3310(C2 VR) A A A A A - A A
SII LS-2165(C2 VR) Monochrome A A A A A - A A
SII IP-3010 A - A - - - A A
Zerox 4024-2 Monochrome A A B B A - A A
RICHO IPSio CX9000 RP-GL/2 A - A - A A A A
Note :
A: Use is possible.
B: In HPGL viewer, it is hard to use.
-: Data does not come out.
It changes by setup of the printer driver that two or more A and B are attached to output data by the same input data.

<The Windows printer driver installation method>
The printer driver is installed by operation of addition of the printer of Windows OS. Please choose File by selection of the port of the printer then.

<From CAD to the HPGL file output method>
If CAD is started and "Print" or a "Printer setting" menu is chosen, "Print" dialog will come out.
The printer driver name installed here is chosen. If a "Property" button is pushed, various HPGL output condition setup can be performed. Since the dialog "Output to file" is displayed when printing is started, the HPGL file name is specified.

3. Printer Driver Output Only for CAD
The special HPGL output printer driver is installed in specific CAD. HPGL file can be outputted if it outputs to this driver in CAD. It is a part of CAD, such as AutoCAD, that this driver is prepared. In AutoCAD, this driver is called non-system driver and the device outputted from this driver is called the plotter. The non-system driver of AutoCAD is called an ADI driver by R14J and LT98, and is called the HDI driver by AutoCAD after it.

  HPGL file to which PloView series supports  
  Formats of HPGL file are HPGL and HPGL/2 of vector data, and HP RTL (H.P.'s Raster Transfer language) of image data.
HPGL and HPGL/2, and receives the following command.
It is ignored about commands other than this.


XY is the integer of 0.025mm unit and the coordinate system is maximum of +-2,147,483,647(+-53,687,091mm), when not having applied the scaling.
An integer or the real number can be used by the user coordinate system using IP and SC command.
The default of the extension of the file name is .HGL.
When one HPGL file is constituted from IN (initialization) command by two or more drawings, the mode which displays those drawings in piles, and the mode which changes and displays the page of the drawing can be chosen.

The change command of the letter font that pictures it with the LB command is as follows.
(1) SD, AD, CS, and CA command define standard letters set and alternative character set.
(2) If it is defined as 1611, 1643 at Character set, or 80,152,153 at Typeface by SD and AD command, it will become 2 bytes of JIS code Japanese. Moreover, if it is defined as 101 by CS and CA command, it will become 2 bytes of JIS code Japanese. If other Typeface is defined, it will become 1 byte of ASCII character.
(3) Font to be used can be specified with set menu, respectively.
(4) Change a standard letter and alternate letter with SS, SA command.
(5) As by inserting CHR $ (15) shift-in, CHR $ (14) shift-out in the midway of the letter line of the LB command SS, SA command it is possible to change a standard letter and alternate letter similarly.

  Image file to which PloView series supports  
  The format of image file which can be read is described below.
Bit/Pixel 1 4 4 8 8 16 24 32
File format Colors  B/W Color Gray Color Gray Color Color Color
Windows BMP/DIB * * * * * * * *
Windows BMP/DIB(RLE4) * *
Windows BMP/DIB(RLE8) * *
FPX(Basic function) * *
GIF * * * * *
JPEG * *
JPEG2000 * *
PCX * * * * * *
PNG * * * * * *
TIFF/ Un-compressing * * * * * * * *
TIFF/PACKBITS * * * * * * * *
TIFF/LZW * * * * * * * *
  PDF file to which PloView series supports  
  PDF (Portable Document Format) file of Adobe Systems Incorporated can be opened.
Extension must be ".pdf."
When PDF file is read, PloView is indicated after converting into HPGL-2/HP RTL.
  DXF file to which PloView series supports  
DXF file created by AutoCAD of AutoDesk can be opened.
When DXF file is read, it is converting and displaying on HPGL-2/HP RTL.
Although DXF file has various versions, AC1025 (equivalent to 2000 / 2000i/2002 in AutoCAD version) is supported.
Design concept of AutoCAD is as follows.
Modeling is carried out with real dimension, and when printing, scale down is carried out at paper size.
Therefore, if DXF file is read directly, it will become general very big figure. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out scale down and to read.
DXF file does not use black pen. Moreover, since white pen is used, when background is white, it disappears.
In that case, please carry out background by SetPen in addition to white, or carry out setup "Color is changed when pen color is same color as background".
Image is another file and needs to exist in folder specified within DXF data, or the same folder as DXF file.
Figure which can be read, and figure which cannot be read are shown below.
 Figure which can be read  figure which cannot be read

It outputs to the DXF file. DXF file can be read by AutoCAD of AutoDesk. Moreover, it can look with gratis viewer called DWG True View of AutoDesk.
Although there are various versions of DXF, two kinds, GX-5 of old version and 2002 of high version, are supported.

Text font:
Contents that were set up with "Set" "Text".
-When Vector Font is selected, Vector Font of PloView is used and be transformed to all the line segment data in the DXF file.
-When Windows Font is selected, next Vector Font of AutoCAD is used and be transformed to the letter data in the DXF file.
 GX-5: 1byte text is "txt", 2bytes text is "BIGFONT"
 2002: 1 byte text and 2bytes text is "MS Gothic"

Figure which can be outputted : "-" does not output in table.
   GX-5  2002






 Text of Vector Font



 Text of Windows Font TEXT TEXT
 Hatching BLOCK
 Painting out  -  HATCH
 Image  -  IMAGE
 IW(clip)  -  

If image is outputted at 2002, one PNG image file will be made to one image at DXF output folder.
PNG image file name is "the same DXF file name + numerical value(1-). png" .
When there are plural images, plural PNG files are made.
When you pass DXF file to other CADs, please also carry out this PNG file to set, and pass it.
  GERBER file to which PloView series supports  
  GERBER file is used in order to print printed wiring board data designed by CAD on high precision film by photograph plotter.
There are two kinds of GERBER formats.
That is standard RS-274D format for EIA, and RS-274X format based on RS-274X format users guide of Copyright 1998 Barco Graphics, Gent, Belgium, and Barco Gerber Systems, South Windsor, CT, and USA. writing.
RS-274D has only information about aperture selection, straight line movement, arc movement, and shutter ON/OFF, and it is necessary to tell separately by using information on aperture form, absolute coordinate/relative coordinate, coordinates number of digits, the coordinates zero omitting method, polarity, rotation, mirror image, scale, etc. as paper.
RS-274X includes all information to it.
PloView can open both of GERBER files.
However, in RS-274D format, insufficient information is to draw.
Therefore, you need to describe insufficient information to configuration file, or to use PloView setting value.
When GERBER file is read, it is converting and displaying on HPGL-2.

Refer to the RS-274X specification of statement for other setup to following UCAMCO company HP.
  NC-Drill file to which PloView series supports  
  In printed wiring board designed by CAD, NC-drill file is used in order to make hole by NC drilling machine of Excellon.
When NC-drill file is read, it is converting to HPGL-2 and displaying.
To format of Excellon, when there is little header section information, it can correspond by describing to configuration file.
Command with which PloView supports is as follows.
In addition, commands other than following are ignored.

;         Comment

<<header section >>
M48       Header begins.
ICI, ON   Relative coordinate mode
ICI, OFF  Absolute coordinate mode
INCH, LZ  Coordinates unit is inch. Zero ahead of coordinate value are deleted.
INCH, TZ  Coordinates unit is inch. Zero after coordinate value are deleted.
          Coordinates unit is mm,
          TZ: Zero deletion ahead of coordinate value
          LZ: Zero deletion after coordinate value
          000.000: More than decimal point is triple digits +
                    Within decimal point is triple digits
          000.00 : More than decimal point is triple digits +
                    Within decimal point is double digits
          0000.00: More than decimal point is four digits +
                    Within decimal point is double digits
          [{ }] shows option selection.
          | One of selections are shown.
T#C#      It is setup of tool diameter to tool number.
M95       End of header
%         End of header

<<body section >>
G05       Drill mode
G81       Drill mode
G90       Absolute coordinate mode
G91       Relative coordinate mode
G93X#Y#   Zero set
M71       Coordinates unit is mm.
M72       Coordinates unit is inch.
T#        Tool selection
R#X#Y#    Hole is repeated and drilled by pitch X#Y# and number of repetitions

Please refer to following Excellon company H.P. for details.
  IGES file to which PloView series supports  
  IGES file is format upon which ANSI decided, and is middle format at time of carrying out data exchange between different CADs.
When file is read, it is converting and displaying on HPGL-2.
Figure which can read PloView, and figure which cannot be read are shown below.
  Type, figure 
Type, figure
which can be read
100:Circular arc
102:Composite Curve
104:Conic arc
106:Point array
112:Parametric spline curve
114:Parametric spline surface
118:Ruled Surface
120:Surface of Revolution
122:Tabulated Cylinder
124:Transformation matrix
126:Rational B-spline Curve
128:Rational B-spline surface
142:Curve on a parametric surface
144:Trimmed surface
202:Angular dimension
206:Diameter demension
208:Flag note
210:General lavel
212:Text, General Note
214:Leader (arrow)
216:Linear dimension
218:Ordinate dimension
220:Point dimension
222:Radious dimension
228:General Symbol
230:Section area
308:Subfigure definition
402:Associative instance
408:Singular subfigure instance
Type, figure
which can not be read                       
130:Offset curve
132:Connect point
140:Offset Surface
143:Boundary Surface
312:Text template
314:Color Definition
320:Network subfigure definition
412:Rectangular Array Subfigure Instance
414:Circular Array subfigure instance
416:External Reference
418:Nodal Load/Constraint
420:Network subfigure instance
422:Attribute Table Instance
430:Solid Instance

Relation HPGL-Pen:IGES-Pen:
The pen of IGES has No. 1 pen to No. 8 pen, and the color to the pen number was decided as follows.
IGES Pen No.  Color
 1  Black
 2  Red
 3  Green
 4  Blue
 5  Yellow
 6  Magenta
 7  Cyanogen
 8  White

Then, color is controlled by assigning pen number of IGES to pen number of HPGL.
The case where eight or more are used for the pen number of HPGL, " (pen number-1) (mod 8) +1" is processed and the pen number of IGES is set to 8 from 1.

Text font:
Contents that were set up with "Set" "Text"
When Vector Font is selected Vector Font of PloView is used and be transformed to all the line segment data in the IGES file.
Windows Font is chosen, and it is changed into notes of IGES when a character string is the single byte character of ASCII.

Figure which can be outputted:
Inside of table "-" means "not outputting".
  Type  Figure 
 Line  110  Line
 Polyline  106  Point array
 Circle  100  Circular arc
 Arc  100  Circular arc
 Text of Vector Font  110  Line
 Text of Windows Font  212  Text, General Note
 Hatcting  110  Line
 Painting out  110  Line
 Image  -  -
 PC,PW  -  -

Please refer to details of IGES specification, therefore the following HP. (File size is 13MB)

Subject and solution about color
It may be unable to display well with combination of color of line, color of field, and background color which are used for drawing data.
Solution at that time is explained.
1. Line and background color
Subject :

If color and background color of line are the same, line will disappear.
For example, as shown in A figure, when color of line is black, if background color is white as shown in B figure, line is visible, but if background color is black as shown in C figure, line will disappear.
Solution :
(1) In PloView, since background color is changeable by setup, please change and be visible.
(2) When you do not want to change background color, and setup of "Color is changed when pen color is same color as background" is turned ON, it comes to be visible as shown in D figure.

2. Line and Background Color on Surface
Subject :
Since appearance changes in background color when line of different color from surface is on surface, according to situation, it does not become appearance of hope.
For example, as shown in E figure of the following figure, when black line is on white surface, if background color is white as shown in F figure, surface is not in sight, but line is visible. Surface and line are visible, if background color is black as shown in G figure. If setup of "Color is changed when pen color is same color as background" is turned ON as shown in H figure, although surface is in sight, line will disappear.
Solution :
(1)Please change background color by PloView or turn OFF setup of "Color is changed when pen color is same color as background" so that figure of hope appears.

3.Display mode and background color
Subject :
Display mode of PloView and PloComp has overwrite(Copy) and mixed color(Merge).
Overlapping color changes with the display modes and background colors.
As for overprint function of PDF in which PloView series supports, background color is white and display mode is mixed color(Merge).
Solution :
Please understand phenomenon.
And when not becoming color of hope, color of figure which changes or piles up background color is adjusted.

4.When two or more pile surface has become
Subject :
By GARBER data, as shown in the next figure, it may have overlapped also with many piles.
Although normally displayed in overwrite (Copy) displaying, inner figure disappears in mixed color (Merge).

Solution :
It displays by overwrite (Copy).
If Merge is not used when displaying plural drawing in piles by PloComp, lower drawing will disappear. In such a case, please select "set" "pen" menu and set "Display procedure" to "Momentary display 2". However, this function supports only screen display and image outputs, such as TIF, JPEG, and BitMap. "Momentary display 1" of PloComp will be the specified DrawMode(mixed color etc.), also when piling up file in file. "Momentary display 2" draws inside of each file by Copy, and when piling up file, it is set to the specified DrawMode(Merge etc.).


Q: Is the password of PloView, PloComp or PloCon effective, in the case that I replaced OS or personal computer?
A: The password becomes ineffective.
Hereafter Ver.9.0, if previous password is entered, lock can be released.
Ver.8.0 or before, the user ID becomes new user ID and the password corresponding to it is necessary. When the version is same, you are able to have a new password issued gratuitously for 4 years, after you order. That moment, you need to communicate the reason, new old user ID and soft name to the author with the electronic mail. In the case that you uninstall PloView, PloComp, PloCon and installed PloView, PloComp, PloCon of the same version in the same personal computer once again, the user ID does not change. And the password of before is effective. The user ID PloView, PloComp, PloCon of a different version differs, that is to say, even the password differs. A different version says case that the column of the 1st decimal point place of the version number rises.
Q: Do the password of PloView, PloComp, PloCon differ every the personal computer?
A: It becomes the all same password after Ver.9.0.
Ver.8.0 or before, Yes. The password corresponding to the user ID is necessary.
Q: When the personal computer breaks, can I receive PloView, PloComp, and PloCon of the old version?
A: It cannot do. It is only the newest version which is exhibited by HP. Therefore, when you download PloView, PloComp, and PloCon first, please carry out the backup file of the download file.
Q: Why is it to not display the picture even if PloView, PloComp read the HPGL file?
A: There is the possibility that the color of the background of the screen and, the color of the pen that pictures it are same. When it paints it with the pen of the same color as the background the picture does not display it. As for the case, please change the color of the background or, the color of the pen with the set pen menu.
Please refer to Subject and solution about color for details.
Q: How do the color of the background of the screen of PloView, PloComp change it?
A: Please take out the SetPen dialog with the set pen menu. Please click range inside of the square on the right side of the letter called the back in the dialog. Please select the color that wants to make the back view because the setting dialog of the color is displayed then.
Q: I want to edit as a text the text in DXF file outputted by PloView and PloComp by CAD.
Please teach how to carry out DXF output.
A: With PloView and PloComp, Set-Text Menu is chosen. Set Text Dialog should take out. Here, please choose Windows Font by selection of Font to use. And please perform DXF output.
Q: Although PloView and PloComp do not start on the personal computer with which the printer driver is not installed, what should it carry out?
A: PloView and PloComp go to see the setting value of the printer at the time of starting. Therefore, unless the printer driver is installed, it cannot start normally. Please install a certain printer driver.
The printer does not necessarily need to connect.
Q: User ID changes on the way and the protection starts. Please teach the solution.
A: Please log in by "Administrator" and install and in the state, please start and enter password.

The newest information

Date The contents of updating
 Feb 06, 2012 PloView Ver.8.09,PloComp Ver.8.091,PloCon Ver.8.05 were updated.
Mar 26, 2012 PloView Ver.8.09,PloComp Ver.8.091 were updated.
May 18, 2012 PloView Ver.8.09,PloComp Ver.8.091 were updated.
 May 28, 2012 PloView Ver.8.09,PloComp Ver.8.091,PloCon Ver.8.05 were updated.
 Jan 10, 2013 PloView, PloComp, PloCon, PloViewAuto Ver.9.00 were updated.
 Jan 15, 2013 PloComp Ver.9.00 is updated.
Jan 17, 2013 PloCon Ver.9.00 is updated.
Feb 23, 2013 PloCon Ver.9.01 is updated.
Mar 13, 2013 PloView, PloComp Ver.9.00 is updated.
Apr 17, 2013 PloView Ver.9.00 is updated.
May 02, 2013 PloView, PloComp Ver.9.01 were updated.
May 28, 2013 PloView, PloComp Ver.9.01 were updated.
Oct 16, 2013 PloView, PloComp, PloCon Ver.9.01 were updated.
Oct 18, 2013 PloView, PloComp Ver.9.01 were updated.
Oct 25, 2013 PloView, PloComp, PloCon Ver.9.02 were updated.
Nov 04, 2013 PloView, PloComp, PloCon Ver.9.02, PloViewAuto Ver.9.00 were updated.
Dec 05, 2013 PloView, PloComp, PloCon Ver.9.02 were updated.
Dec 17, 2013 PloView, PloComp, PloCon Ver.9.02 were updated.
Dec 22, 2013 PloView, PloComp, PloCon Ver.9.02 were updated.
Jan 04, 2014 PloView, PloComp Ver.9.02 were updated.
Jan 22, 2014 PloView, PloComp Ver.9.02 were updated.
Feb 16, 2014 PloView, PloComp Ver.9.02 were updated.
Mar 16, 2014 PloView, PloComp, PloCon Ver.9.03 were updated.
Mar 23, 2014 PloCon Ver.9.03, PloViewAuto Ver.9.00 were updated.

Contact us

Please inquire it with the electronic mail, in the case that it is following.
1. Please send it if there is the HPGL file where it is not able to output with
   PloView, PloComp, PloCon and PloViewAuto. We analyze, improve it.
2. Function up request regarding PloView, PloComp, PloCon
3. Use method regarding PloView, PloComp, PloCon
4. Inquiry regarding this HP