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HPGL Viewer PloViewMini
  This HP describes the viewer PloViewMini of freeware (free license fee) for viewing the drawing of the HP-GL file(HP-GL/2, HP RTL is not supported).  
 Input drawing file
 Display command
 Setup of pen
 Text font
 Mouse operation settings
 Operating conditions
 Installation method
 Royalties (license fee) and license conditions
 Recent version upgrade history

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PloViewMini is a viewer for viewing drawings of the HP-GL file and has the following functions.
(1) Fast display of vector drawing and many commands related to display
(2) Line color, width change, whole drawing black and white / color switching, background color switching, pen ON / OFF
(3) rotation, mirror, grid display
(4) Character font (TrueType) Font switching, font size change
(5) Coordinate indication
(6) Multi-page support
(7) Input file format is HP-GL (HP-GL/2 and HP RTL are not supported)

PloViewMini is a limited version of PloView, free license with no license fee.
The functions, menus, dialogs, and Help in PloView that are not in PloViewMini are grayed out and can not execute the function.
The comparison table between PloViewMini and PloView is shown below.
* indicates that there is function, and - indicates that there is no function.

Function PloViewMini PloView
Output - HP-GL, HP-GL/2, HP RTL, PDF, DXF, DWG, IGES, SXF, EMF, TIFF, JPEG, Bitmap, PCX, FPX, GIF, PNG, printer, plotter
Many display commands * *
Line color, width change * *
Black and white / color switching * *

Background color switching

* *
Pen ON / OFF * *
Drawing mode Merge instruction of data Overwrite / mixed color / difference write / data Merge instruction
Rotation, mirror, grid display * *
Thumbnail display - *
Character fonts TrueType Vector、TrueType
Measurement coordinate coordinate coordinate, length, line width, angle
Character search - *
Connected line search - *
Comment input edit - *
Multi-page support * *
Copy to clipboard - *
Fee of 1 license  0 70 US$ 

If you can not display normally with PloViewMini, or you want to output various kinds of output, please use PloView for a fee.

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Input drawing file

PloViewMini can read the HP-GL file.
HP-GL/2, HP RTL is not supported.
If the input data contains HP-GL/2 or HP RTL data, an "Input data error" dialog will be displayed when opening the file and these data will be ignored.
Please refer to Reference Guide of HP-GL (outline) for detailed data format support.
Since it supports not only line segment data but also fill data and character data, printed board drawing display is also possible.

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Display command

The following rich display operations are possible.
1. Mouse operation
Mouse operation Function
Mouse left button click The entire display
Mouse right button click Display popup menu of commonly used instructions
Mouse left button drag Zoom display area setting
Mouse right button drag Zoom display
Middle mouse button drag Dynamic shift display
Middle mouse button Double click The entire display
Rotate mouse wheel over Dynamic zoom display
Rotate mouse wheel forward Dynamic reduction display
2. Keyboard operation
Keyboard operation Function
Shift key Dragging ON
Ctrl key Dragging OFF
→ key Right shift display
← key Left shift display
↑ key Upshift display
↓ key Shift down display
Home key The entire display
PageUp key Zoom up display
PageDown key Zoom down display
3. Menu operation
  The entire display
  Zoom window
  Zoom up
  Zoom down
  Zoom · Copy area display
  Zoom windows 1 to 5
  Shift display
  Drag mode
  Rotate display
  Mirror display
  Grid display
  Multi page switching

Example A: Mirror off display
  This data is data attached to PloViewMini, and it is located below when installed.
     32bit OS
C:\Program Files\Isoplotec\PloViewMini\Init\Pltout\demopwb1.hgl
     64bit OS
C:\Program Files (x86)\Isoplotec\PloViewMini\Init\Pltout\demopwb1.hgl
  When opening the above file with PloViewMini, please select "File" "Open" menu and turn "Multi page" of "Option setting" OFF.
  That's "multi-page" ON, is three pages, does not seem to overlap.

Example B: Mirror ON display

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Setup of pen
You can change pen color, line width, background color, filling on / off.

Set background color
  Screen background color: It becomes the color of the pen No. specified by "Back Pen No.".
Foreground color setting
  Priority 1: When "Set to Balck and White mode" is set to ON, black and white
              will be displayed.
  Priority 2: The color will be set for each pen.
Line width setting
  Priority 1: When "Set to mode: all line width is 16th pen" is set to ON,
              the line width of 16th pen is displayed.
  Priority 2: Pen width set for each pen (0 to 10.00 mm).

Example C: For Example A,
  Turn on "Set to mode: all line width is 16th pen"
  Turn on "Ignore FP, RA, RR, WG (paint polygon, rectangle, fan) command"

Example D: For Example A, turn off the blue-green pen

Example E: For example A, turn white and yellow pen OFF

Example F: Turn on black and white display mode for example E

Example G: Set background pen color to white for example F

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Text font
You can set the font size and font typeface of Windows font.

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Mouse operation settings
Associate commands with mouse operation.
As a result, you can customize the mouse operation.

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Operating conditions

Personal computer with Intel compatible CPU
· Memory: 1 GB or more
· Available hard disk capacity: 100 MB or more
· Screen resolution: 1024 dots x 768 dots or more
· 32Bit OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
  64Bit OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

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Installation method

After extracting the downloaded file with the decompression software such as Lhasa 32, please execute Setup.exe with administrator authority according to the contents of the Readme.txt file.

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Royalties (license fee) and license conditions
This software is freeware, usage fee (license fee) is free.

< Use license contract document >
By install this software and using, customer is accepted to that is restrained to the clause of this contract document.

(1) Copyright
Isoplotec Corporation (below say the copyright holder ) has all rights including the copyright of the software execution file, program, and documentation. It is forbidden to convert this software without the copyright holder's permission.

(2) License agreement
You can install one copy of this software on one computer and use it only on the installed computer. In addition, you can copy one copy of this software onto the medium for backup. Usage such as private use, corporate business use, academic use etc. is not limited.

(3) Transferring, lending of the license
User is forbidden to transfer and lend the software to a third party.

(4) Quality assurance
The copyright holder does not guarantee the quality of this software.

(5) Disclaimer
In no event shall the copyright holder bear any responsibility as to the result of using this software or any other damage (Including but not limited to loss of business interest, disruption of business, loss of business information or other financial damage) arising from the result which could not be used. Even if the copyright owner is informed about the possibility of such damage.

(7) Release
If you breach the terms or conditions of this Agreement, the copyright owner may terminate this Agreement without prejudice to any other rights. In such a case, you must destroy all copies of this software.

(8) Rental fee (license fee)
This software is freeware, and fee (license fee) is free.

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Recent version upgrade history

Ver.1.0 June 3, 1995
HView Ver.1.0 as the basis of PloViewMini is released.

Ver.8.04 January 9, 2018
(1) Release PloView Ver. 8.03 as a freeware with limited function.
Ver.8.04 January 29, 2018
(2) Fixed abnormally when opening some abnormal files.
Ver.8.04 January 14, 2020
(3) When putting the Windows GodMode icon on the desktop, an error occurred at startup. This was repaired.
Ver.8.04 December 31, 2020
(4) After opening the multi-page file, closing all child windows and pressing the page switching button resulted in an error.
I fixed this obstacle.

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 PloViewMini Ver.8.0 Software download

 Note: As for the installation method, after extracting the downloaded file,
       execute Setup.exe according to the contents of the Readme.txt file.

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